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Slugboy Saves the World!

By Mark A. Smith

Sketchbook work and final images for a competition led by Floris Books publishers in Edinburgh to illustrate an up and coming childrens book... I didn't win, but it was mighty fun coming up with slimey sluggy things.

Fox and The Lamp Post

Final(ish) images for a storybook idea I had a few years ago, which people always tend to think is quite bizarre...

A fox comes across a lamppost who confides in him their dream of being a tree. The fox sympathises as it also has a dream of being something else - a pet dog! Together they try to realise their dreams as the fox 'fetches' leaves to  decorate the post. All the while, an evil cat lurks in the background, biding his time before coming to savagely undo all the hard work the fox has done. But ah ha! The lamppost turns on it's great light, scaring the cat away, and creates a warmglow for the fox to curl up in. The moral of the tale being, there's no need to try and be something else, you're great as you are!

Work in Progress...

A few images from an upcoming picture book project "Where Are My Humans?" or alternatively "Scaredy Dog" - a story about a three legged dog who is left alone in his house, and just...freaks out. This is based on several of my family pets, merged together. I'm excited about writing and drawing this a lot a lot. 
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