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Environmental Scotland 

Here is some sketchbook work and final designs for a poster competition for the Scottish Parliament. 

The aim of the brief was to deliver an environmental message to all those Scottish politicians, as the chosen posters would be displayed on the walls of the Scottish Parliament. I chose to create a poster promoting Green Spaces in Cities, since I am all for that an aw!


Colouring books for adults are pretty much taking over newsagents, so I went with this idea because I imagine that's what the politicians are doing instead of work these days. So I made my own version, where the only colour is GREEN!

"Colour your Way...

                       To a Greener City!"



Surgeons' Hall Museums

Sketchbook and final designs for a project to promote Surgeons' Hall as a visitor attraction. 

This was a project I developed over a number of weeks, with many trips to the Surgeon's Hall to really get a solid idea of the place. (I now have thorough knowledge of what gout looks like, which is obviously a bonus). 

I explored Victorian Freak Show or Victorian Gothic concepts as they have strong ties to the historical idea of  Medical Museums. However but I wanted to blend these with a more contemporary setting, as the museum prides itself on its brand new interactive elements. Touch screens and apps are aplenty - so I decided this to be a vivid feature on the poster, alongside more classical medical illustrations. 

"Surgeons' Hall Museums

          Medical History at your Fingertips"             


Here is some sketchbook and final designs for TOMS brand.
This was a college group project, where we designed a advertising campaign for all the cool things they do. 
My task was to create a poster for their range of bags; each time someone buys a TOMS bag, women in impoverished are helped to give birth safely, in the ways of birthing kits and trained attendants. Which is a very good and nice thing. Because their products do something different and special from all the other nonsense we buy, we posed the question... 
        "What can your bag do?


Edinburgh College

Theatre Production

Sketchbook and final images for a poster project for a play about SHOES, obviously.
The play is completely improvised, with no real theme and lots of individual stories - which was a bit of a challenge. I began with drawing as many shoes as I could, as you do. It then began to look like some sort of mad collection. This led me to think about insect collections, and how they are presented in museums, with lots of variations...for people to observe... You see where I went? 
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