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Table Names for the

Coe Wedding

A lovely couple called Kat and Chris asked me to make table names for their big special day. As they met when they both worked in a cinema, I suggested they chose films which had some special significance. I then picked a detail from the film to illustrate. My favourite was (both) Groundhog Days. 

Tree Guest Book for the Byrd Wedding

Another lovely couple called Katy and Pete asked me to make a very trendy thing called a Tree Guest Book for their special party. I cut out a tree from a page I'd covered in watercolour wash, added some autumnal colours and stuck it to some nice paper. I then added in some 'Love Byrds' ...geddit... to make it a little more personal. Guests then could add their fingerprints to look like leaves with ink pads left beside it. What a great idea!

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